Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Climbing Up High

It's Tuesday night.  Last Sunday was a busy day.  We picked up Ariel and the twins from Hebrew School and headed to a youth group event at Hellerick's Farm near Doylestown.  
Decent turnout.  It was 3-6 grades.  
The twins got suited up. 
Then Ariel and Dori.  

Ready to go!
Here's a whole bunch of random pics of the kids up on the ropes course.  
There were 3 levels.  Everyone started on level 1.  

Luckily the big kids were interspersed with the little ones to help out.  

Ariel gave us a lot of faces.  

Then they headed up to the second level.  

Ariel did fine.  Both the twins came down early.  Noah got hit in the face by a log and was bloody.  Eli got scared and freaked out.  
We went to look around.  

Lots of goats.  
Ariel picked a pumpkin.  
Later that day, Ariel went to see the Taylor Swift movie with a bunch of the cheer girls.  
We relaxed and watched football.  


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