Wednesday, October 25, 2023

I'm in the Hospital

Last Monday, my poor car got towed.  I had a flat tire and some other issues.  
Little did I know, I would not get it back until Friday!
We got these pics of Eli at school.  

Last Tuesday, we got a Gifted update for Noah.

That night, I ended up in the hospital with a really bad IBS flare up.  I got home around 4 am.  This was over a week ago and I'm feeling much better now.  
Last Wednesday, Eli had a visit from a support dog.  
Then we played with bubbles.  
Then we started a Lego Pac Man that actually kind of works!

Last Thursday, we walked to school with violin and viola.  
No instrument for Ariel . 

That night, I got a nice shave from Eli.  

Then a shot for some reason.  
Ariel had a Phillies practice at cheer.  


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