Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Day Off School

Last Tuesday, the kids were off of school for election day and it was a crazy day.  The landscapers came early to redo our front yard.  

Then a guy came to build Ariel's new vanity.  What I could have done in no time took him almost 6 hours!
'Sup Eli?
Harper spent the day.
Eva and Gwen too.  
Still working.
Still working.  The girls were impatient.  They wanted to organize Ariel's makeup.
And the landscaping is done!

Can't wait to see it in the Spring.  

Ariel and Harper got busy on the drawers.  
And the shelves.  
It was camp shirt day so I had the girls pose and I sent the pic to Camp Saginaw.  

She loves it!
The girls made a post from the camp!


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