Thursday, November 9, 2023

Giant New Sofa

Last Wednesday, it was really cold but that didn't seem to stop the guy in the pool.  If you look closely you can see him.
Soccer practice.

Heather and I were cold.  
Late that night, I tried to get the padding under the new carpet.  It was really hard!
Aden was a big help.  Not.  
Ariel put together her new bench.  
Thursday morning was so below freezing!
Frost everywhere.
The carpet was ready for the new sofa.
I got another flat tire trying to take Ariel to her first practice at Airborne.  I had the car towed back to my house.  Tesla came in the morning to change the tire.  
Amy went for a work with a bunch of girls in the cold.  They said they warmed up from walking.  
New sofa!  It's huge!
Ariel gets lost on it.  
It is comfy though.  
Ariel had cheer that afternoon.  
This is Fionna in the air.  
Such a cool pic!
Even Aden, who is bigger than me, disappears in the sofa.  
Friday night, they had an extra soccer practice.  
Lennox and Donovan came to see the Haunted Hallway before we took it down.  

Eli helped with my sore back.  Have a great weekend!


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