Sunday, November 5, 2023

Halloween South Philly Style

It's Sunday night.  Such an emotional day.  Soccer tournament.  Regional Cheerleading Competition.  The Eagles.  I can't take it.  

Last Saturday was a fun day.  First, we got a violin serenade.  
Then we went to Target.  
Such a beautiful day.  
So, our neighbors in Margate live in South Philly by the stadiums.  Turns out that for years, South Philly has celebrated Halloween the Saturday before Halloween.  They invited us to join them.  The twins were so happy to see Steven.

We had some snacks and met the nighbors.  

Eli Huggy Wuggy found a friend.  
They had a nice spread.  
It was time to head out.  

We had such a good time.  The neighborhood is great and the people were so nice and friendly.  You can get a lot a candy quickly when it's row homes!
Here are some random shots of the afternoon.  

Amy and I with Steven and Elma.  Yes, I walked far in the Big Red Boots.  So many people knew what they were and yelled out to me.
There's my girl.
The three shore buddies back together.
We stopped by Steven Sr's house.  

Then we headed back and I needed help getting the boots off.
Hey Stogie!
The kids played football out back.  

Ariel liked talking to the teens.
We had dinner across the street.  
After dinner, we sat outside and enjoyed the night a bit before heading home.  


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