Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mark!!!

Sunday was Mark's birthday! We didn't see him till dinner time though. Aden wanted to play in the basement all morning.

He's not quite tall enough to use the fun exercise bike yet.

Look what the plow guy did to our lawn! There is mud everywhere. I put up posts so he would know where the driveway ended. He ran right over them! Oh well.

We went to Bloomies to do a little shopping. Of course Aden got the most stuff including a Big Bird! He was determined to make room for Big Bird and Elmo on his lap.

Amy's mom made a birthday dinner for Mark. Aden was excited to see the dogs.

The dogs still probably can't figure out what this little, smelly thing is.

In that vase is a couple of long back scratchers. Mark and I taught Aden how to scratch our backs. Best thing we ever thought of.

Uh oh, where is Big Bird?

Hey Jenny!

Good girl!

Aden is getting good at sliding down the stairs, even when he is holding Elmo.

There's the birthday boy!

Dinner was great, thanks Clar!

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