Monday, March 8, 2010

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

WARNING!!! If you are not a dog person you may want to avoid this post. Sunday morning, we were sitting around and relaxing when Amy's parents call to tell us they are going to look at puppies as they may want to get one! All Amy heard of that was "golden puppies" and she was out the door so fast, she forgot to get dressed.

The breeders lived just north of Peddler's Village. What a scene. Forget the dogs, there were goats, chickens, birds and cats living in the house. It was crazy!

Aden was a little tentative at first.

I know, they are scary!

Who am I kidding, 20 golden puppies all in the same place, it was too cute.

After a little while, Aden loved them too.

I could have done without the smell.

This is the potential candidate! Amy picked him out.

Here is the one I liked. No, we aren't getting one.

Puppies? What puppies? I'm busy drinking!

Look at these faces.

Here he is again.

To adopt or not?

The daddy is on the left.

Here is the mommy.

This is who I am taking home and I'm naming him Zeke! Think the neighbors will mind? Aden did not want to leave. He fought getting in the car and kept screaming "doggie!" He wanted to stay!

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