Tuesday, March 23, 2010

King of the Castle

It's Tuesday morning and poor Aden has a fever. I got a call from day care yesterday that he was sick and we have been home ever since. We have a doctor's appointment in a little while. It's so sad when he doesn't feel like himself.

Sunday was another beautiful day. We met Alan, Ina, Josh and Sloane at Central Park in Doylestown. It was our first time at the Kid's Castle and we were amazed!

How come no one ever told us about this?

Of course, Aden headed right for the swings.

I want to be a kid again!

The whole area was pretty. There were people having picnics and playing with dogs.

OK, enough swinging, let's try other stuff!

There were so many places to explore.

It was also very crowded.

Aden became fixated on the castle, which is for ages 5-9.

So I went with him in the first level.

He was chasing kids around the maze.

He really wanted to start climbing but I didn't think he was ready and it was dinner time. I had to drag him out of there!

It will be even more fun when he is a little bigger.

We all went to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner and Maggie Moo's for ice cream. Aden had a lot of fun with Josh and Sloane.

We stopped by Amy's parent's to see the puppy. Jenny is finally playing with him. I will post some videos. Very cute.

Birthday cake? Aden is so there!

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