Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Aden's First Field Day!

Last Friday was raining when we got up and I was really hoping they would cancel field day but they had it and it turned out to be a great day.  The kids played hard all day and had so much fun. 

Aden here is being silly with the girls.
 Where's Aden?

 Other kids doing the Tug of War.

 Aden's teacher had a blast too.

 The whole class!
 Aden and Benji.

 They won!

 Lunchtime barbecue.
 Ariel found our neighbor Ava.  She's in 6th so leaving us soon!
Ariel also found Mrs. Tara.
The instructions for this game were hard.  The kids couldn't figure it out so they made it easier.

 What is this look from Izzy?
 So determined.

 They were carrying something in the blanket.

 A little rest between games.  It was hot!

 Amy having fun with Mrs. Gainsley, who is moving around the corner from us.
 The older kids also had to carry a beach chair!
 I had to get in at least one shot.

 The babies had fun.
We found Ariel playing a game with Aden's friends.
The school is so small, we can have everyone together to celebrate the end of the games.  
 Back to the room.
 Eli was flirting with Kelly.

 Selfies with the baby!

 Time to go home!

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