Monday, June 22, 2015

Chase the Bat Dog

Today was the first day of camp for Aden.  He loved it!  He was so excited to leave in the morning and came back with the biggest smile on his face.  Makes us so happy.  School he tells us nothing but he couldn't wait to tell us about camp.  

Back to last week.  Good morning boys!

Ariel at interim week.
Our synagogue had a box at the Trenton Thunder so I took the older kids.
Sophie and Brody were also there!

We went up to the box to check it out.  
Great view!
Several foul balls came right at us!

 Chase the bat dog!
 Who needs a bat boy?
 We went down to sit with Sophie and Brody right by first base.  This was the view back to the box we were in.
 The boys had fun.
 As did the girls.
 We were so close to the action.  
 Then we hit the playground there.

 Too cool.

 Haircut time! 

 Good night!

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