Sunday, June 7, 2015

Drama Queen

It's Sunday night and I'm ready for bed.  Incredibly enough, we didn't go to the shore again.  Of the 3 shore weekends this season, we have missed 2 already, more than we missed in the last 2 years combined! Just like Memorial Day, the weather didn't seem like it would be great at the shore so we blew it off.  It does really feel good not to have to pack, especially when we hadn't unpacked from last week but I do miss it.  Hopefully this coming weekend will be nicer.  We did keep somewhat busy.  We even went to hang out in Center City today.  Just in case you were keeping track, the boys are still sleeping well.  Fri night, Noah, usually the one that gets restless at night, slept from 8:30 to 7!  Crazy stuff.  Ok, back to last weekend.

After the beach, we headed to the pool.  Aden was being silly as usual.
He took some crazy selfies.

 We needed to get out of there and head home but I found Amy like this on the porch and quickly joined them.
 So happy to be home.
 I've mentioned that they are always telling Ariel to save the drama for the stage.  Well Mrs. Maria got her this sign!
 I guess time are tough at Breezy Point.  They had the 3 year olds working on the taxes!
 We went to Aden's school for the book fair.

 Ariel recognized some of the girls from Aden's class.
 Eli picked out his books.
 Ariel too!

 Good night!

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