Thursday, June 4, 2015

Four Kids on the Beach

Today we had Aden's school play.  He did a great job.  I will post some pictures and videos next week.  I'm not even going to finish off last weekend!  Back to Saturday night.  My parents came over for dinner.
 Here they come!
 I have a bunch of pictures but they weren't great so I will skip them.
Sunday morning Noah was staring at Aden!
The kids get up so early and have so much energy.
Hey, I found a baby!
Uncle Mark to the rescue.

We finally made it to the beach!  It wasn't so bad getting there.  We took our usually cart of stuff then the babies double stroller.  We left the stroller on the street and just carried the infant car seats.  We were pretty much the only people out there.  It was not cold but not hot.  
 So happy to be back.

 The rocks!

 It was Noah and Eli's first time on the beach!

 Yes, they are sitting down to have a catch!
 Ariel made some new friends.  

 It was a bit hazy out.  
 You can almost make out Atlantic City in the distance.

 Pile on Aden!

 We tried to keep the babies out of the sun.
 Because there were so few people, there were even less ice cream men.

 The boys resting a lot.
 Eva and grandpop.
 My big boy.  Almost a second grader!
 We then headed to the pool...

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