Thursday, October 8, 2015

So Many Parties, So Little Time

It's Thursday night.  Last night was awful.  Both babies got up around 2:30 and wanted to eat and Ariel got up around 3 because of a coughing fit.  Needless to say I'm going to be quick so I can go to bed.  

Sunday we had 3 birthday parties.  First we had Jaxson's 4th at Go Bananas with a music teacher.
We labeled the boys for everyone.  People keep telling us they can't tell them apart.  We don't think they look anything alike.  
Ready to party!

 The boys were ready to participate.

Right guys?

 The parachute is always a big hit.

 Jaxson was having fun.
 So was Sammy.
 And Ariel!

 Thankfully Amy had some great friends to help with the twins because Aden and I had to leave for party number 2.
But first some yogurt.
We drove to a Bertucci's in New Jersey for Jacob's 7th birthday.  Jacob is Aden's friend from the beach.  His other buddy from the beach Noah as there too.
It's nice to have a party at a real pizza place.  It was good.  
The kid were mesmerized by the mad scientist.

 The happy family.
 It was a long day and we were tired.  While we were heading back, Amy and Ariel went to party number 3.  Chloe from her class at Bounce U.  
 Amy just took a few pictures.  Ariel climbed to the top of the big slide and then cried.  Chloe's mom had to go rescue her!
 A little limbo before they left.  Have a great weekend!

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