Monday, October 26, 2015

Welcome New Students

It's Monday night.  The kids had dance tonight.  Ariel was excited but Aden had to be pushed a little.  We have to decide this week if they are going to be in the show next summer.  We picked this school because it does not do competitions and the recital is optional and separate from regular classes.  Amy thinks we should do it, I'm not sure.  The show is way different than when my sister had Mrs. Kay 30 years ago.  It's not just each class coming out one at a time and doing a few numbers.  They actually put on one cohesive show where all the ages and dance types are all together.  It does mean though 10 extra Saturday practices.

Let's finish off last week.  Eli was helping Aden with his homework.

This happens most morning when Amy and I try and get a few more minutes sleep.
Silly Eli.

Eli is taking the bottle by himself!
Ariel's first karate class with the whole class.  I didn't tell her we were going.  We were late of course so I just threw her in the line.  She was looking at my like what is happening?

 She listened though and seemed to have fun.
 Lots of stretching.
 Let's do some punching.

 Hit it Sammy!

 Of course their favorite part was the play area.
 I see Ariel and Sammy on there!
 I had to drag Ariel to soccer practice.  

It was a nice night.
 Ariel got to the the bear.  Go get them!
 Ok, we can leave now.

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