Thursday, April 7, 2016

Give Me That!

Here are some glimpses of what goes on during the night:

Taking things from each other.

Eli not really wanting to sleep just yet.

These are some random pics from last weekend. Someone was enjoying his bath.
Jack's birthday party at Sports Zone.  Aden was so excited to see his buddy Jake.

 If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!

 The parents came in and played the kids.  After about 5 minutes, all of us were ready to collapse.  That was hard!
Hockey time.

 The first of 2 parties this weekend in the books.

 Aden had a playdate at his friend Brody's house.  His mom sent this picture.  What an awesome backyard!
 Ariel went to the school to play with her friend across the street.  It's nice that her dad takes them over there and we don't have to go!

 Another playdate!  Ashley came over!
 It was cute, the boys wanted to play with the girls.

 Eli wants you to have a great weekend!

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