Thursday, April 28, 2016

Will She Jump?

Poor Eli actually had a really good day but totally lost it when we put him in the bath.  He usually loves the bath but touching the warm water to his wound might have been a bit uncomfortable.  We were supposed to put him in today so his dressing would come off. Anyway, I'm glad this week is almost behind us.  These are from last Saturday.  Breakfast time!
The boys like to feed themselves.  Poorly.
Ariel helped to clean up.
The big kids helped me make chocolate chip pancakes.

Then I took Ariel to our favorite place Bounce U, not!  Two kids from her class had a combined party.  Ariel needed help getting up the big slide.
 She loved being with her friends.  Amy wanted her to go to her tee-ball game, which was at the same time, but her teacher told us the party was a better idea.  Ariel had been talking about it a lot.

 The second room had this new thing.  A huge jump or a slide if you are scared.
 Ariel is so little!
 Her first time up she got sacred...
 and chose the slide.
 Ariel and Chloe.

 The next time up she sort of jumped!  Check out the video.

Chloe is a daredevil.

 This thing makes a tiny tornado.
 Ariel ran out screaming!
 Ariel and her best girlfriends.
The whole gang.

I listened in on her conversations with Gia.  So funny.

 Everyone have a great weekend!

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