Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Bubbie!

Tuesday April 12th is my grandmother's 96th birthday!  For anyone that knows her well, it might was well be her 46th birthday.  She's as smart and feisty as ever and would still be driving if we would let her!  She might be a little tough on us sometimes but we are unbelievably lucky to still have her.  It's amazing how much she remembers about her early life, even though she has trouble with our names, and we love hearing the stories.  Here are a few fun pictures:
With her two brothers Harry and Dave.
 With my grandfather.
 With my grandfather and mother.
 With my mother and uncle.

 We did take her out for a birthday dinner last night.  Those pictures will be posted shortly.  These are from a dinner at our house earlier in the week.

 Trying to teach her shayna punim (pretty face) in Yiddush.
 Piano time.
 It was amazing.  She sat down and just started playing.  Mostly old Yiddush songs.  

Let us out!
 Snuggles with big brother.

 We had a conference with Aden's teacher.  He was happy to see us.

 They love going through mommy's bag!

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