Thursday, April 14, 2016

Give Me That!

It's Thursday night.  Woo hoo.  We have a crazy busy weekend coming up though.  Tonight was nice.  We barbecued then went up to the school with all the neighbors to play.  The babies wanted out of the stroller so bad.  Eli kept yelling Aden! as Aden and his friends ran around.  

This was Sunday.  
Aden had Hebrew School then I took him right to Brandon's birthday party at SMG in Warminster.  I have never been there.
 It was huge!
 The boys messed around.  Brandon goes to a different school so Aden didn't know any of the kids.  He can get shy but I was impressed.  He fit right in.
 First they played football.  I will spare you any videos.

 Aden did pretty well.  Had a couple of catches and tackles.

 He was much happier when they played soccer.

 Yummy pizza.

I got some videos of the twins during nap time.  I'm not sure why the audio didn't come out but here you can see the boys passing things back and forth.

Eli is supposed to be sleeping not standing!

 That night we took my grandmother and her sister out to dinner for my grandmother's birthday.  We went to a nice place in the Northeast.  

 Rebecca and Genny came.  Ariel loves hanging with Genny.

 Time for bed!  They run away from us!  Have a great weekend!

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