Monday, April 4, 2016

Go Villanova!

We are watching the NCAA National Championship Game.  Go Villanova!  It's too hard to watch basketball all the way through.  Too many lead changes.  Aden stayed home today.  He had a fever last night and didn't feel much better when he got up.  He was supposed to present his poem today.  Oh well.  

Double trouble.  

Music class.  Ariel joined us.  
 Brings back memories.

 Right boys?
Ariel getting her horsey ride.

 It was the last class of the session so it was parachute time.  Ariel got right in.
 Not so much the twins.

 Hopefully he gets Amy's nose.
 Ariel chatting with Zoe, Aden's friend Maya's sister.
 Eli and Zoe.

Someone went a little crazy for dance class.

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