Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Baby Roller Coaster

It's 1:47 am.  I was working on this and Ariel started crying in her sleep.  I went to hug her and ended up falling asleep in her bed!  I wonder what even woke me up.  Well this is going to be real fast.  

Last week we found a beautiful restaurant on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.  Erini for mid-week date night.
Place was amazing.  Gorgeous inside and even better outside.  The gardens were amazing.  We sat by the herb garden and the chef kept running out to grab things!

 Ok so he makes a mess but he also cleans!
 These were from Aden's birthday.
 Amy and I brought a treat for Aden's bunk to camp after their lunch.  Ariel's bunk was there too.

 He was very excited to see us.
 Some of his buddies.
 It started pouring!

 Basement fun.
 The fight over getting into the car, then they want to be pushed.
 Noah gets up on the roller coaster himself then waits for a push.  loves it!
 Fun!  Good night!

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