Monday, April 3, 2017

Hugs Anytime

Howdy.  Monday nights are kind of crazy.  Amy takes Aden to parkour at 4 and I take Ariel to gymnastics at 5.  The sitter is home with the babies.  Amy worked out while she was there.  I'm going to start too.  We are both getting trainers.  It's less than 2 months till bathing suit season!

Last week we had the final day of the Winter session for music.  
 Ali's father even joined us all the way from Boston!
 Eli's giant baby is getting in the way of things.  
 That binkie too.
 It's the last class, that means it's parachute time!  Look at Nate in the middle.

 If you look in front of Ali you will see Eli is helping to pull the parachute.  Neither of the twins will get on it.  

Now getting under it is a whole different story!

 I just got there at the end of parkour.  

 Aden is really getting into it.
 Then it was Ariel's turn.

 The sitter sent this.  Makes us relax more when we know the boys are doing well.
 Ok, time to go home.
 Late night game of Box Ball with the neighbors.
 The boys are very intense together.  Either fighting or laughing.  
 It's all just fun to watch!
 They always want hugs before bed!

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