Monday, November 30, 2020

Do We Have to Go Home?

Here's a quick post from last Sunday.  We all got a good night's sleep with no kids to bother us!  I went with Melissa, Mark and Honey to get coffee.
Doesn't look it but Margate was pretty crowded.  
Honey woke up Amy.  
I made a nice breakfast, then Melissa and Mark left.  We went shopping.  One of Amy's favorite places to get stuff for the kids.  
I was in Dino's but I didn't get anything for myself.  Amy got some tuna to bring home.  I did get some chocolate turtles from Jageilky's of course.  
On the way out the pickle ball courts were packed!
We got back and the kids were making a gingerbread house.  

Needs more icing.  
Mollie helped too.  
Yes Noah, you have 10 fingers.  
Chef Vola leftovers for dinner!
Is that me or Eli?  
Science time.  

Pretty rainbow Ariel!


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