Thursday, August 19, 2021

Cousins Everywhere

Sorry. Forgot to post this week. Will catch up now!  

Last Saturday, the kids got up early but were good.  

I made pancakes and bacon.  
Eli was pretty close to Honey.
Right Eli?

Honey can't get him on the top bunk!
I bought a pump and I drained the hot tub.  You need to do that every so often.  
Then we headed to the beach.  
It was actually a pretty perfect beach day.  It wasn't too hot or too sunny.  The kids were all in a good mood and had fun playing.  
Steven, get off that board!
The twins spent almost the whole time in the water.  
It was sort of warmish.  
Let's punch the ocean!

Who is this child?  He would not go near the ocean before this summer.  
Hey Gwen!
Ashley came to play with us.  

We ate before the beach so we didn't need to get food delivered.  
Let's start digging!

I took Eli for a walk to see Lucy the Elephant.  
We saw a wedding party. 

Back to check on the hole.  
It was a bit phallic.  
Back in the ocean!

Nice to see Noah out there.  
We went to dinner at Touch of Italy, where we went for Aden's birthday.  We sat outside.  
Noah took on anyone he could in chess.  
Eli liked the fish.  
Next opponent.  
Happy almost birthday Clarisse!
Goodnight Honey!


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