Tuesday, August 24, 2021

First Cheer Practice

It's Tuesday night.  Everything is pretty chaotic.  It will be nice when the kids are asleep and we can get some stuff done.  

Back to last Sunday night.  Ariel's first day back was crazy.  We saw so many people and did so many things, including going to Ocean City.  

Of course we had Manco and Manco's pizza for dinner.  

Dana and Howard and family were first timers and loved it.  

The boardwalk was crowded.  

We had to go to Shrivers for candy.  

Salt Water Taffy.

Then we did some rides.  

Amy and Dana.  

My kids stuck with the easier rides.  

Super Slide!

Where is everyone?

Ariel is flying!

Julia, Dave and Juliet came over late to hang out.  

Monday morning, Ariel danced for me.  

I picked up my favorite milk chocolate turtles from Jagielky's.  They, for some reason, got tiny!  Usually, 12 would fill up 2 layers in the box.  I will have to ask them about that.  They still taste yummy.  

More dancing.  She wanted to go for a ride on the scooter, so we went to visit her friend from camp.  

It was interesting to get their perspective on camp.  They had some complaints I hadn't heard before.

We went to Jamaican Me Crazy and Eli got to visit his friend Cat.  
Amy and Ariel went through the camp stuff and took out what she needed for the shore.  The rest went into my car.  
Ariel and I drove home for cheer practice.  It was the first time Ariel saw the bathroom almost done.  
The one thing she was craving was Chinese rice and ribs.  
Rachel was back from Penn State so we had her come and warm Ariel up for practice.  Ariel really hadn't done any cheer stuff for the last 2 months.  
It was great to see Rachel.  
It was like old times!
Cheer practice!  Ariel was a little nervous.  
But she got right back into it.  
They learned some new cheers.  

Hopefully, it's going to be a great season!  Ariel and I then drove all the way back to the shore.  


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