Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Tornado

It's Thursday night.  Here's from last Thursday and Friday.  I mentioned in the last post that there was a tornado near our house.  Well here it is!  It was an F3 so pretty powerful.  
This is the car dealership.  

Our cousin saw this again very close to where we live.  
This is what the sky looked like after.  Thankfully there were only a few minor injuries.  There are videos that have been posted on Facebook that show the tornado in action from far away and from inside the dealership.  Very scary.  
On Friday, we watched live in Instagram as the Color War broke out at Southampton Summer Day Camp which meant I had to be on the hunt for brown or gold shirts.  
We drove to the shore from camp.  Eli ate a few slices and did his famous stacking move.  
Right Eli?
We went over to Dairy Bar.  

Then we went to see Bill and Lori's new place.
It was very cute.  
I spent the night trying to drain the spa but I gave up.  Have a great weekend!


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