Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Baby Emily

We had back to school night for Ariel tonight.  She should have a fun year.  

These are from last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Monday, I took Ariel to cheer.  Coach Lynde was very serious.  

The ground was wet so they practiced on the basketball court. 
Our big cheerleader.  

These are from last Tuesday.  They love playing my old original copy of Life.  They have newer versions they don't look at them.  

Baby Emily next door is 2 weeks old!  Haven't seen a baby that small in so long.  

Jessica looks great!
We swam in the pool a bit.  
Checking out a new toy.  
Then we played outside with the neighbors.  

It was nice to catch up.  

Wednesday night we had a little family birthday party for Clarisse at their pool.  
Hey Cooper!
The kids swam.  

The dog swam too.  Honey likes the pool better than anyone!

Even baby Quinn came!

Poor Ariel had to leave and go to cheer.  
We talked for hours.  

Cooper likes my dad.  
Cake time!

Happy 70th!

Back to pick up Ariel from cheer.  

 Here's a taste of the new routine.

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