Wednesday, December 15, 2021

2021 Pop Warner Cheer Nationals

Last Wednesday was finally competition day.  We actually had a few lazy hours.  We all slept in.  It was another nice day.  
Not so nice at home.  
Even worse at the shore!
When Ariel got up she joined the girls in the hall for a while.  
The coaches and some of the moms worked on all the hair and uniforms.  
Then I took her for a walk to help clear her head.  We saw a big turtle!
The girls all met up in the lobby.  
Some silliness to calm the nerves.  

Last minute hair and bow touchups.  

Running through line ups. 

Ready to head out!
Off to the Orange County Convention Center.  About 10 minutes away.  

I love this pic!
Now the parents.  

Had to go through security.  

We had about an hour till the girls went so we had lunch.  
Number 104!
Here they are backstage ready to go!
I think I was more nervous then they were.  

This is my video of the performance.  

This is from tv with commentary, which is pretty funny.  

These are my pics.  

These are some of the professional pics.  Not in any order.  

We met up with them after.  They did awesome!  Ariel was actually crying.  She lost her place for a moment and had to jump lines.  She thought she screwed it up for everyone.  She was wrong!  There were no deductions so she felt better.  
We were all so proud.  

Then we headed to judging.  

There was a lot of tension but it was also fun.  They played music and the girls danced and sang.  

We came in 7th in the nation!  I think that's pretty amazing!
We rushed back to the hotel to finish packing and wait for the bus.  
We got to the airport really early so we had dinner at On the Border with Giulz and her family.  
This was after 9 pm!  The girls were messing around.  
We got back to Trenton around 12 and home by like 12:45.  It was soooooo cold! 


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