Sunday, December 26, 2021

Visiting Fionna

Merry Christmas!  We went to the shore for the weekend. That was crazy. Four adults six kids and a dog. We did have fun though. 

Last Saturday, one of the mom's on the cheer team made this!  So cool.  We will have to put it on stuff for Ariel.  
Poor Fionna.  The team made her a get well basket.  
We took the kids to tennis.  

Ariel hit a couple of balls I think.  

Lunch at Newtown Pizza.  We really spread out.  
Then Leaning Express.  We had to get something for Eva's birthday and for Fionna. 
The twins went crazy there of course.  

Then the book store.  
Ariel and I went to Fionna's.  She loved her Mrs. Clause Squishamellow and the other stuff.  
She is done for the season just as it's starting.  So sad.  This also ends the thought of extending the Indian's season.  
The girls had a good time.  
We didn't do anything that night.  
Ariel went to Eva's for a sleepover.  


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