Wednesday, December 8, 2021

First Night of Hanukkah

Last Sunday, the kids woke up very excited for Hanukkah.  
I went to the market.  The lines were so long!
I had a busy day cooking.  I made chicken cutlets.  
And I barbecued some thighs and legs.  
We went to my parent's house at 4 to celebrate Hanukkah, Ariel's 10th birthday and her cheer team going to Nationals.  
The cake came out awesome!  I was so excited to try it!
That's the new bow they are wearing for Nationals.  They needed some bling
Ariel also got a life sized caricature.
It was the same group as Thanksgiving dinner!
Checking out that huge pile of presents.  

Ariel got Air Pods for her birthday.  
Eli liked my dad's Legos.  
Aden too!
Food time.  Mom made brisket, latkes and veggies.  I made the chicken.

Quinn is on the move!
Such a cutie!

Climb on mommy!

Ariel got a real doll to play with!

We lit the candles.  
Then the present chaos started.  

Even Quinn got a bunch of presents to open!
Ariel has a thing for Baby Yoda.

I'm amazed everyone got the right presents to take home.  
Gwen was not letting go of her presents!
Birthday time!

This is now several days later and I'm still eating the cake and it's still moist and delicious!

That night, the twins sprinkled the magic dust on the Hanukkah elves to wake them up.  
I was kind of hoping they forgot.  

They were ready to wake up!
This is what they did.  They piled stuff up so they could reach the bar!


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