Monday, December 20, 2021

Bowman's Hill Tower

It's Monday night.  I'm wearing my blanket dress.  I'm so cold.  It's in the 80's in Florida. Why haven't we moved yet?  You may remember Paul, my first trainer at the NAC.  He moved to Scranton to be with his girlfriend before Covid.  They finally got engaged!
Last Sunday, Ariel had cheer practice at Airborne.  

Then I dropped her off at Juliet's house.  
I took the twins to Bowman's Hill Tower.  
We drove pretty high up.  

There's the tower.  The story goes that Washington posted lookouts here when he crossed the Delaware.  
It was a long climb!
The boys ran ahead of me.  

Finally, the top!

Nice view!
You can see the Delaware River.  
It was cold and windy!
Back down.  

Back to Juliet's to get Ariel.  
My family came for dinner.  
Some crafts before bed.  


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