Tuesday, March 22, 2022


It's Tuesday night.  Such a beautiful day.  Last Monday morning, Eli had a doctors appointment.  Amy took him out for breakfast after.  
That night Melissa, Mark and the girls came over.  First we had rides on the Cyberquad.  

Even Honey got involved!
Pizza time.  
I think BB8 is smiling for the picture.  
Ariel likes to make fruit salad.  
Then my mom came to make hamantaschen with all the kids.  

Honey couldn't wait to try!
The kids had a lot of crazy toppings to use.  

Very colorful!

Aden made the cherry ones.  
This was a Facebook memory that came up.  I was in Florida, on the coast, when a rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral.  Cool.  
Last Tuesday, Eli posed with his buddy Mickey.  He carries him around everywhere.  
I had my guitar lesson.  I'm working on some hard chords.  
Cyberquad time.  
Heather and the twins drew a McDonalds on the driveway.   They even brought out a cash register.  

I rode down to the neighbors.  
Then Ariel took over. 
It was nice to hang with the neighbors.  It had been a while. 

Late that night, Aden had his first flag football practice.  I passed a fox on the way.  
He's already had two games and he really does not like his team.  Poor guy never seems to like his team.  


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