Thursday, March 24, 2022

S'mores With the Neighbors

It's a cold, rainy Thursday night.  Last Friday, I went to get the kids from school.  
A bunch of the neighbors were there too.  It's nice that we can do this.  
Eli helped me make banana muffins.  
Then he went for a ride on the Cyberquad.  
I took Noah to get some groceries so I could make dinner.  
After dinner, we went to Zack and Vicky's house for dessert and drinks.  

It was so nice to hang with the neighbors.  

The boys all ended up on their devices.  

Ariel was at cheer.  I went to go get her.  
The doors were open again so I got to watch some of the practice.  
The bases that dropped Ariel doing push ups.
I brought Ariel back.  Everyone was still out.  

Have a great weekend!


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