Sunday, March 27, 2022

Playstation 5

It's Sunday night and I am not watching the Academy Awards.  It was a pretty quiet weekend and so cold, we didn't get out much.  Last Saturday was much warmer.  The twins for haircuts early.  
Then we had the last tennis of the season.  
That went fast.  It was pretty successful for the 3 kids and to top it off, the twins weren't thrown out!
Same and Nate came to lunch with us.  They will miss us at this restaurant and the kids will miss eating there.  

Then we went to the Wrightstown Elementary playground.  

I guess the kids had fun.  

Then we went for rides on the Cyberquad.  

Then our Playstation 5 was delivered!  I've been trying to get one for a year and a half.  They are so hard to get.  I was able to get on Sony's waitlist and they offered me one last week at the retail price.  We set it up and played all night!  It looked so amazing on my newer tv.  


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