Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Return of the Leprechaun

It's Wednesday night.  It got really cold and rainy today.  March is such a tease.

Last Wednesday, Eli was back on the Cyberquad.  
Heather and Noah worked on McDonalds.  

That night, the Leprechaun get busy in the kitchen.  He set up a whole party for the the twins.  

He even turned the silverware green!
The next say was St. Patrick's Day.  Eli had barely slept because he was so anxious about the leprechaun coming.  

They were amazed.  
They didn't catch him in the trap though.  

Dani came later for cheer.  
Back handspring.  

Dani is going to Penn State with her sister Rachel.  

Great stretching Ariel!
So sweet!


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