Sunday, April 3, 2022

Baseball Begins

It's Sunday night and we had a pretty exciting weekend.  Ariel's cheer team came in first at a competition!  Aden was sad his football game got cancelled because of the rain.  He was going to play against friends.  Anyway, back to last Saturday.  

Ariel had an 8:30 private at Airborne.  There was a big competition that weekend, so the gym was empty.  Ariel's team was not in the comp.  
She never gets the trampoline to herself!

Let's keep working on those back handsprings.  

Breaking down the form.  

So close!  

I got to rest a little before our next adventure.  
The twins are enjoying all the space in the cleaned out playroom.  
The twins started baseball!  They are being coached by our friend Mike.  
This is going to be a totally different year.  Last year, all the kids were clueless and it was kind of funny.  Most of these kids are on a travel team and are actually pretty good.  My kids are still clueless so they really stand out.  
Mike is patient though and worked with them.  

Playstation 5 time!
While we were at baseball, Amy and Ariel met Lori and Ashley for lunch.  
Then they went shopping at Dennys.  I'm sad I missed it.  Apparently Ariel is an expert shopper.  All the people there loved her.  
Kylie came to sit.  Amazing how calm she is with the boys.  Amy and I went to dinner at Roccos with Jaime and Abby.
Aden went out to dinner for Ben's birthday.  

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