Friday, April 29, 2022

Boston Cream Pie Cookie

Last Friday, the boys played music early.
Then we walked to school.  
After work, I went to the gym. There were people in bathing suits by the pool!  It was nice but not that nice!
I had been good for several weeks but just had to try a Boston cream pie cookie at Crumbl cookies.  They have new flavors every week and I wanted to try this one before it was gone!  I really only had a couple of bites and threw the rest away!
Cleaning out the fire hydrants near my house.  
It was nicer than it had been.  Who is that all the way in the distance? 
It's Eli on the Cyberquad.  

Honey and family came over!

Everyone took turns.  

Ariel had cheer.  I watched from outside.  

When we got back, they were still playing.  

Have a great weekend!


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