Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Baseball is Tiring

It's Tuesday night.  I was so tired today.  I even drank soda, which I never do, to try and wake myself up but I don't think it worked.  I have to wear a tux this weekend.  It's been a really long time since I've done that.  I hope it fits!  

Last Monday, it was sooooooo cold.  
I got a new device that plays any Gameboy, Gameboy Color or Gameboy Advance games.  I still have some old cartridges.  Here is Eli playing the original Tetris.  
I also got my old Nintendo DS working.  
Then it started snowing!  Where is Spring?!?!
What's that look for Ariel?
We practiced throwing overhand.  
Then we did some tumbling.  

On Tuesday, Noah's teacher sent us this picture.  
We had piano and guitar.  
Noah wrote this.  
Homework time.  


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