Sunday, April 10, 2022

Wildwood 2022

It's Sunday night.  Today was pretty exciting.  Ariel had her final cheer competition for Airborne Season 6.  Let's go back to last Saturday, when she had another competition.

Ariel and I went to Margate on Friday night.  Very early Saturday, we went to Wawa to get breakfast.  
I then did her high pony!  I think I did a pretty good job!
We packed up and headed out early.  
It's about a 40 minute drive to Wildwood.  
I hadn't been there in years.  It was super cute.  Many of the buildings had been redone.  look at this WaWa!
There's the Wildwood sign.  
It was a very cold and windy walk to the Wildwood Convention Center.  
The beaches are huge!  How would I ever push the cart across that!?!

We made it!
The girls got together.  
Hey Dori!

Ariel doesn't like to wear lipstick.  
Here's her cheer pose.

They ran through the routine a few times.  

Love the faces.  
Time to head in.  They had fun stuff for little siblings.  
Here's an Airborne team.  There were like 12 there.  
Then it was our turn.  The coaches look cute.  
They did awesome!
It was the first time Ariel tumbled in a competiton!

Since the season is over, I can post the video!

Great job girls!

We ran into Coach Lynde and Fionna.  Fi was performing later that day.  
The Indian girls reunite!
Then we walked back to the Wildwood sign for a pic of everyone.  
It was still freezing!  Those poor girls!

Such a cool shot!

Then the Snipers got together to find out that they had hit zero!  That means they made no mistakes!

Then the girls put on the tie dye shirts they made for a pic.  

Looking good Ariel!
Coach Aurora gave Ariel a ride back for the judging...


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