Thursday, April 21, 2022

From Beach to Ballroom

Last Friday morning, I got up early, went for a run and then, with Eli and Mickey's help, cleaned and filled the tub.  
Thankfully, it did not take very long.  
I took the kids out to get breakfast.  
Then a walk on the beach.  The twins fought me at first but I got them going.  
It was nice out and very quiet.  
I have one always willing to pose.  

There's another smile.

They were having fun till Eli stepped on a shell and started bleeding.  Amy had to drive over and save us.  
Dairy Bar is open!
We drove back and Allison came over.  Amy and I got dressed for a wedding.  Yes a wedding on Passover and Good Friday.  
It was a very nice ceremony.  I work with Lee.  

The guys from work, with the groom who is very tall.  

We clean up nice.  Hard to believe I was on the beach earlier that day.  
First dance.  

Now this was a great idea.  The bar went from table to table!

Yummy desserts.  

The bride and groom and their son.  
We had a great time!
Aden sent us a picture of the moon.  Have a great weekend!


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