Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Aden's Impromptu Party

It's Wednesday night.  Spent the hottest day of the year in New York City.  It was fun but I am wiped out.  More on that later.  Last Wednesday was Aden's 14th birthday.  He woke up to a Edible Delights fruit basket.  
Noah had art class after camp.  He's really into it.  

We had no real plans going into Aden's birthday but things developed quickly.  First, I spent half the day smoking chicken, ribs and bacon.  

The family came over.  

We pigged out!  The pulled chicken was a hit.  
The ribs were ok.  Not as good as last time.  
One of our last minute additions was a Hawaiian shaved ice truck.  I'm glad they were free.  It was a nice night and all the neighbors and a bunch of Aden's friends were able to come over.  
I remember this stuff from when I was in Hawaii.  
You can have them do it or do it yourself.  Eli had many, many cones.  
Aden with Aunt Melissa.  
His friends.  
What number is that Eli?
My mini me.  
My friend Jason came over with his twins.  They ran the street football game.  

Cake time!

Dave came by with Margot and Athena.  
Eli took the girls on Cyberquad rides.  
They were going so fast the pics were blurry.  

What a nice night!  I think Aden had fun.  
Here was our on pic of Ariel from the day with her bunk.  


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