Sunday, July 24, 2022

Lucy's Sad Birthday

It's Sunday night.  It's been way too hot.  I think it's supposed to get a little better this week.  Last Saturday, I woke up with a horrible pain in my hip.  I went in the tub hoping it would help.  I think it did. 
I took the twins out.  
We passed by a Tesla that had been wrapped.  I think I want to wrap mine a different color.  Purple.  

It was Lucy the Elephant's birthday but they didn't have a party this year because of the refurbishment she's going through.  Where do you get one of these blow ups?  
Sneak peaks of Lucy's new look.  

I might buy this picture.  

We made it to the beach.  

It was a quiet day.  The boys didn't feel like doing much.  Just some light digging.  

They all left pretty quickly to go to the pool.  I had some time to myself for once!
Back to the pool.  
So much going on!

Margot came to sit that night.  

We went to Johnny's.  
With Melissa and Mark and Felice and Howard.  Fun!
Some Airel pics.  This was a spa night for the girls.  


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