Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Music Man

It's Wednesday night and I'm tired and sore from playing roller hockey!  I'm going to get through this fast so I can go to bed.  It was so hot last week!
Ariel flying at camp.  

Last Tuesday, we had piano and guitar.  

Then we made a fort.  

Last Wednesday, Amy, Aden, Melissa, Clarisse and I went to New York City for the day!  We were going to take a really early train so we had time to shop but it was cancelled.  
I had heard that New York was not so great since COVID but it was just as I remembered it.  Lively and fun.  
It was super hot but we walked the 2 miles to 55th street for lunch.  Right through Times Square.  

It was nice to sit in the ac at Serafina.  
Aden and I hit the m & M store.  He really enjoyed it there.  

Then it was showtime.  We were seeing Hugh Jackman in the revival of the Music Man.  

It was a great show!
Hugh and his co star even broke character a few times and couldn't stop laughing.  They were having so much fun on stage.  

The theater was from 1912!
We walked back to the station and waited forever in heat as several trains were cancelled.  We finally got on a super local that took forever and the train was also hot so it was not a fun ride but it was still a great day overall.  


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