Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Ariel's July 4th Pics

It's Wednesday night and Aden's 14th birthday is drawing to a close.  As of last night, there were no plans to celebrate but we through together a last minute party and I think Aden really enjoyed himself.  More on that later.  

Last Tuesday, the alarm went off at 6:30.  I needed to get the boys to camp and it was like a 2 hour drive.  Eli and Mickey were next to me.  It was not easy to pack and get the kids out of the house but I did.  Amy actually stayed for the day.
After camp, Eli was reunited with Huggy.  
Guitar and piano.  I'm working on Sweet Child of Mine.  
Eli is a bit strange.  

We had the driveway resurfaced.  
Eli wanted to show Huggy to the neighbors.  
Camp pics for the day.  

What was this look?

It looks like she's having fun.  
On Wednesday, she sent us a picture of her bunk with the girls names and how long they are staying.  
The pics came in randomly during the day.  I don't feel like rearranging them together so they will be interspersed with the Wednesday pics.  
Because I couldn't drive on my driveway so I had to go to a Tesla supercharger.  
A rare pic of Aden at camp!
Of course back to Ariel.  
What is going on here?

I made wings that night.  
Eli played on the rollercoaster.  

More Ariel.
She alway says this tube ride is her favorite activity.  

The girls are on the water.  

Aden chilling on the sofa outside.  Under the cover.  


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