Tuesday, July 12, 2022

July 4th

It's Tuesday night and I have a big post from last Monday, the Fourth of July.  Huggy Wuggy woke us up early.  
Eli went to play with Steven.  
I went for a run.  
2 1/2 miles!  Without stopping!  Pretty good.  
Time for the beach Eli and Huggy!
Steven was there waiting for us.  
Let's check out the ocean boys!

Beautiful day!
These next few pics were with my good camera.  

The boys played great all day.  
A quick Ariel break.  

Our shore neighbors had a big party.  
We ordered food.  
Jaime, Abby and 2 of their kids came to sit with us.  

We played a little football with Jaime and Jared.  

Then Aden and Jared went swimming.

It was such a nice day.  
Then to the pool.  

My parents grilled for everyone.  
Aden had not tried soda in years and wanted to try it again.  
He hated it!  Spit it out!
Huggy had a nice dinner.  
Looks good Gwen.  
Some cuddles.  
Back at the house, we found that Steven had gotten a new Huggy doll too.
Cute but creepy!
We walked to the beach for the fireworks.  People were setting them off all around us.  

Aden actually came to join us.  Right after this pic was taken, some fireworks got pretty close to us.  The twins freaked out and ran off the beach.  Amy chased them and they went to the Dairy Bar.  They were so scared!
Aden and I stayed.  
Looking down the coast, you can see the fireworks in Ocean City and Wildwood.  Really cool.  
The fireworks were nice.  

Here's a shot of Ariel's fireworks that same night.  


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