Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Labor Day Blackjack

It's Tuesday night.  We did a great job cleaning and organizing our dining room.  Hope it stays that way!  Back to last Monday, it was Labor Day!  I went for a great run with Melissa.  I let her run just ahead of me and I followed her.  She is a great runner and doesn't stop so she set a great pace for me.  
We ran just over 2 miles without stopping or slowing down.  That's a record for me I think.  
I took Ariel for a ride on the scooter.  
We had a lot of cleaning and packing to do.  
The little ones chilled while we worked.  
Ariel dealt some blackjack.  

When Melissa left, we took the kids over to my parent's so we could finish packing.  
Ariel and my dad played a mean game of pig.  
The house was all clean.  Another season finished.  
Goodbye for now!
We picked up the kids at my parents.  
The car was packed!  
We also packed my parent's car.  Huggy wanted to drive.  
We said goodbye to Steve and headed out.  It took a while to get home.


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