Thursday, September 8, 2022

Ocean City Adventures

It's Thursday night.  Amy and I just got back from high school back to school night.  We were impressed with the teachers and liked seeing our friends in the hallways.  Only to be back in high school.  Lol.  Back to last Thursday, I had to go to the courthouse in Doylestown, which is 38 miles from Center City Philly, which amazingly enough, you can see on the horizon!  Doylestown must be really high up.  
Eli in school.  
Ariel had a private that night.  

Aden had his first flag football practice.  
I took the opportunity to run on the track.  
Look at my shadow go!
The boys played with the police tape I got them.  

Friday morning, we packed up the car and headed to the shore.  Maybe not that car.  
Melissa was on her way to the shore and got hit by a rock.  She went home.  
The twins just wanted to do Legos when we got there.  
My dad had to do something with his car and had the kids watch.  

That night, Margot and I took Ariel, the twins and Juliet to the Ocean City boardwalk.  Of course Eli's mind is blown every time.  
Dinner first.
Ariel and Juliet

Margot and the twins.  
There was so new rides at Gillians!
Everyone had fun.  

Ariel did some crazy stuff.  

It got late fast.  
I grabbed a Manco's personal pie.  Yum.
The girls had a quick smoke before we left.  

Doing virtual reality with the neighbors.  
Have a great weekend!


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