Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The First Day of School

It's been an eventful Tuesday night.  Amy drove into a pole.  No injuries thankfully.  Back to last Monday, which was the first day of school.  For the time being, we are going to carpool the 4 high school boys on our street in the mornings and they will take the bus home.  The bus comes around 6:45.  We will drive in around 7.  When that alarm went off at 6 for me and Aden, it was pretty painful.  
He did not pose.  This was the best I got of the big high schooler.  
It was only the freshmen on the first day so they don't get overwhelmed.  
Then was is time for the other 3. 
Our big 5th grader.
Our big 2nd graders.  
Ariel was excited to see her friends and the teachers.  
It was chaos!  They allow the parents to come the first day.  
The twins are separate for the first time ever!  They say it will be good for them.  I'm not convinced yet.  

Noah was excited and not upset at all about not being with Eli. 
Eli seemed very nervous and upset.  
Noah's class!
Have fun Noah!
Here are some pics from the first day the school sent us.  

Having fun!

Ariel had a great day.
Heather played Monopoly with the boys while I took Ariel to cheer.  

That night we tried out the fog machine.

The teacher sent us this from orientation the week before.  


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