Sunday, November 20, 2022


It's Sunday night.  Today was thankfully a pretty lazy day.  Yesterday was busy but I pretty much just watched football and napped today.  Last Saturday was pretty busy though.  I showed Eli my latest find.  
A limited edition and life-sized baby Yoda!
It was the official grand opening of Airborne.  

Ariel had practice.  
I brought the twins and we ate lots of fun foods. 
They couldn't care less about cheer.  
I like watching though.  
On the way out, Ariel saw friends.  
And got cotton candy.  
Ariel's friend Royce from camp was in from Maryland for the weekend.  She was staying at Harper's house so I drove her over after practice.  They were so excited to see each other.  

I left Ariel there and took the twins to Diggerland in New Jersey about an hour away.  I gave them a bunch of options and this is what they picked.  They had never been here and I hadn't been here since Ariel was little.  
You get to ride in really big machines and get to drive smaller machines yourself.  

The boys wanted to do this challenge course.  
Of course they wanted me to come.  
It was actually pretty challenging and a little scary.  

I pulled the plug after a while.  Too much other stuff to do.  
You sit in chairs there and go way in the air.  
Here you drive your own excavator.

Noah went first.  

Then Eli.  These guys know how to move dirt!
They loved the giant playground.  
They asked if we could buy it on Amazon.  
Some rock climbing.  That's Eli on the left.  

I think they really liked it.  

One last ride as it got dark.  
We had dinner at a diner then went to Carlo's Bake Shop for dessert.  
What to get?
In the meantime, Amy, Melissa and Ali were in New York seeing the Michael Jackson show on Broadway.  They loved it.  


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