Thursday, November 24, 2022

My New Baby

It's Thursday night!  Thanksgiving!  Sorry, forgot to post yesterday.  We had a very nice dinner with the family today.  I was moving since 8am.  This is my first time sitting down all day!  

Last Thursday was an exciting day.  I said goodbye to my Model X of 4 1/2 years.  
And hello to my new Model X!
 It looks so sporty with all the black trim.  I love it!
A quick lunch at Shake Shack.  
Then the first drive.  It's so fast!  And with that yoke steering wheel, you feel like you are right on the street.  It's like being in a video game!                                                                                                            
Ariel had her private that night.  

Malique gave her a lift.  

Ariel has been decorating her room.  
Noah is very creative.
Some school pics from last Friday, which was pj day.  

I went to get my front windows tinted.  Saw this beautiful Ford GT.  They only want $1.2 million for it.  
The car really should come with front tinted windows.  
It was cool to watch them work.  

So much better!
I got to the gym and parked next to a purple wrapped Model X.  That might be my next color!
Eli put fries on a bun.  He only took one bite.  
Went to school for bingo night.  The kids have been collecting cans.  
Bingo!  It was packed.  
Ariel sat with friends.  

The twins were very into it.  
We didn't win anything.  

The big high schoolers were there.  
Fun times.  Have a great weekend!


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