Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Running Up Hills

It's a very rainy Tuesday night.  The kids are being really bad tonight.  Wow it's been a tough night.  Hopefully everyone will be asleep soon and tomorrow will be a fresh new day!  

Last Sunday, I dropped the kids at Hebrew School and instead of going home and going back to bed, I went and got Melissa and made her run with me!
We ran about 2 miles through her neighborhood and there were some big hills!  My heart was working overtime.  I'm not supposed to stay in red very long.  
We went back and got Honey to walk with us while we cooled down.  
Honey only wanted to play.  
It rained a bit but it was warm.  
I went back to Hebrew School for meet the teacher.  Ariel wrote this.  

Harper came back with us.  
Then I took the twins to a birthday party.  They had a video game truck.  
So cool!

Pizza time!
They even had a pinata.  

Back home I admired the leaves on our lawn.  You couldn't even see the lawn!

Harper was still over.  
Later that night, we to Priscilla's house to drop off her jacket that Ariel had in her bag for some reason.  The girls had fun for a few minutes.  


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